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Scott Bair

Aug 18, 2014|

The Raiders Insider for joined Damon to update the health of Derek Carr.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Was waiting to blood talk -- raider football Scott bear this afternoon because it's official. Decision time here. And the decision is do you wanna go with a quarterback that might be bad or one that you really think he's going to be bad and it looks like they're gonna go with a one that we all think might be bad. Scott there CSN Bay Area joining us talk a little raider football. I don't Scott. A pretty good and I'm I'm I would listening earlier and I did like your current theory that. You wanna see what somebody out there and yell at last -- at it strictly oh look at that night I go raiders. They keep count themselves over and over and over again on that ballot is that about match -- that matchup problem extorting a lot like starting quarterback. Comma into the -- and days as I'm really get everybody to a bigger than Africa -- it allegedly to start the he would. And it feels like he's trying to talk himself into it because he hasn't seen any real tangible evidence of yet so he's talking himself into it trying to brace every one for it. And to meet this looks like Matt Flynn 2.0 which I -- goes back to show Robin -- -- decision making. About. What the ringers to ban any worse off. Had they had just gone -- -- glowing these last two years. Not even bothered with Pryor not bothered with slant just played medical glowing blue looks better than any quarterback they got. I know it's against third gamers. -- Yeah I mean I think we have the benefit of hindsight your game and did it to -- pick up. Guys portion fired eleven and and conduct retreat and I didn't even out shortly after the draft and -- to think about. Can kind of make in the progress -- he made -- mean he has been cracked and act makes. I think I think Matt Flynn are only now starting to talk about it in the midwest. -- just bad bad -- that Blige and I think that that shot in the arm I think -- -- competent -- an experience level. Separates him from what they're going there with Matt went last year. I didn't think you can see -- in the preceding games where that guy has obliterate them -- -- that never able to go to some. Spoke about the pre -- in the you're trying to. Called at odd ball out over a large -- they're not. That it and they'll you know. -- -- -- -- well multiple and it won't ever pressured and well kids -- did. It mr. -- that it just so many and I think that. The way -- -- that's why I think Friday's sell cheap because it. Again all on the first he wraps I think you could take that the panic should be almost recorder and that's really what we're gonna -- much larger. You know cut from what -- shocked at how it will go to different -- moved the ball. Great topic I think try to be a very cheap date for him and also Alter the entire raiders -- -- And everyone's also gonna have their -- on -- Khalil Mack who we all know shut out of a tackle. In the first half against the ones and look great linebackers. At any stage of their career are rarely shut out of a tackle and a half and I'm not saying that Khalil Mac will not be a great linebacker and we all know that for sure now. But I don't think he's ready to be the instant sledge hammer. They hoped he could be if they ask him to do too much if I were the raiders I'd say you know what we're gonna worry about the wrinkles. And the depth of your game in coming seasons this year I want you to attack the quarterback as if he just stole something from your mom. Yeah and and I think it comes down to will and there's a lot of their asking -- to -- it -- it. That according to that sports writers code in you know -- track on there right now regulatory. -- -- You can. I mean I think there's a lot of faith that they are holding back on at the same time. Here not psychic you want that we won one match up no matter. You know and -- what is the most concerning to me -- cockpit view a map for a while yesterday. And hit it and I'll bet your car has the worst critic. He works tirelessly you know you may not CDs that result that war. Keystone cops and the one thing I like it is. Preceded you talk about -- I need to do better on it -- mixed up. At a factory -- -- and I and -- shall war even with what you -- in the crease feet and I think all that attitude is gonna help. I think our strength. And it can be effective one thing I did talk to people. How we keynote dynamic pass rush that -- talks. I would say -- that should it. -- can have a bigger bag of tricks at the -- to lose it pull out of it right away he'd get into trouble I think that helped in the long run. So again germs -- -- -- any impact I still think harbor and that talent are gonna help him do that. And it got an act on dot com -- -- out. An eight that's a lot you know to actually get -- Scott air CSN Bay Area here on the Damon per show and and let's talk about since we spent the first after this on on what isn't working. Let's talk about what is and I think that this team. Well and -- a look a lot better steak and have a quarterback take a little heat off the running game. -- by backing up the linebackers and secondary but I do like what I've seen from the raiders running game so far I think the offensive line Donald -- in particular. Is doing a nice job run blocking and I don't need to see another -- a football. Out of either Maurice Jones-Drew. Or make saddened. It told the season starts and I know they're gonna play in game three after that I don't want to touch the field is those guys both look ready. Absolutely and orders expected alone -- coming in and do that. Sound like that may you know factory in and the -- almost thirty an election app that those guys in person literally explode but. -- That I know that we can say he looks in the treaties and -- -- conversation you would you got out of eleven and twelve and so on a court. But I really think that. Great weight has been lifted an extra because you'll read there at -- -- -- Extremely heavy contract and he'll start for -- 888. Figure that is not in my nature and no sign you're. Right now and ever feel bad for anyone who has an infinity pool. -- hit the big hand are totally right that they're now. A super accurate I'd expect that having gone through they're going to have to carry. The -- be so afraid of her -- afraid -- -- -- strong. I think that's really helped him but I I like what I achieve your. Decade to stay healthy somehow some way and and unity can get along with. An -- a -- note joke averages. 65. Or 25 counts they're going to be able to stay on schedule and that's what you need for that topic -- and match out there -- -- do you do everybody. Favorite running well early you can try to action and being to deal on later. Seems to be the only passes it is really connecting on so far so -- that would probably be good get him to third and manageable Scott Brosius and Bay Area you know my deep offensive MVP is -- to pre season games not that this is a word that anyone would get out or -- That sense I think Pat Sims has looked like -- handful up front. I mean absolutely. I talked to electoral Williams beat the raiders defense line coach -- that -- -- you're gonna CA completely different pat and that I got -- take -- from what happened in the sake I really did not expect him to -- -- -- -- and I really think that the market maybe kind of scared and that -- and pat but the raiders on on another one year deal I think he should really motivated. Maybe I'll have a problem with athlete being motivated by it. Big picture I certainly am like any real well I think the way it -- -- -- and the could be -- theory and it may be angry they're explosive cap and and you have good -- court -- -- that we make everybody that. Speaking of paychecks and motivation. We were talking to Jeff Garcia last hour and we asked him. About running into a JaMarcus Russell which she did almost a year ago when there was this buzz around the Jermaine -- come back of some sort. And he said. That jamarcus -- Put his head down went to work and really made them believe that he was sincere in his comeback effort for a moment. Then there was some settlement between he and the raiders and all of his enthusiasm to reclaim his career immediately evaporated. It was all about the money. Do you know can you tell us anything about that settlement today was the first I'd heard of it. You know that that actually -- an excellent start recovered -- I do remember caper and crystal chronicle riding. That that they did they did come some traveled at about signing but it signing bonus money oh and that figures shall. That released at a lot about you know -- about that to -- what it might be a game -- brought a lot of guys. That really you called it -- agree that about football. Think that there is a big group that it's pretty clear that JaMarcus Russell did not and I think that promote it like bang -- each seat from Mac. And car and actors guild that aren't the guys that aren't necessarily motivated. Entirely by paychecks and I think at least you're out at that step in the right direction that lacked a bit skeptic -- -- Again I know the ones are gonna get a lot of run in the third pre season game will we see Derek -- Was it rib was a concussion I think it was a little ball. Yeah yeah I think so too and it felt like I mean Derek -- it -- the right thing Chet. In his nature program that way but I don't think that Hillary did it bother the fact that there are any cracks in it is gonna help because. You know the hundred affect everything that you do especially your throw it. -- football around it and so I think he's still not been cleared to play but I talked to refer talk to her a while. This afternoon. And again it can't help but you know you -- dramatically they used the get fired you wanna go out at somebody. They're part of the guys and I don't like pink she can play her some pain and if he's cleared you can go but he he remarked on outside -- -- What is Dennis Allen really think about a secondary does -- see how inadequate it looks or to pre season games. You know I I don't know how much he cared about what happened in the -- -- I think you look to these war games as a warning tighter unit and then building. To get better I think there -- cause for alarm here but what I thought because writers for a while I've been. They -- it out carpet toxic wrote about it he seemed -- -- -- right well all the bit each little detail that are leading to play. And yet there were some tackled by the way the thing you can go to practice. He sees the basics on the little bit better group that actually at taco and they can't make. Eat proper angle and that can't do the right read it's about playing all together at once that they haven't managed yet I think it stay at that point they will be better. What you still have to have that -- seven be active and dangerous and relentless. That's secondary to Libya into a cat and study he's. Scott had a good trip to Green Bay off to Lambeau where again the raiders take on the Green Bay Packers this Friday August 22 the third and last real free season tune up because. No one's going to be showing what they got the fort pre season game especially with the Seahawks in town and they can nature with a sledge hammers -- not risk anything against them big third pre season game coming up the raiders Scott thank you very much. Aren't they thank you very much got bear. CS and Bay Area.

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