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The Damon Bruce Show 8/18/14 HOUR 4

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our final hours this Monday afternoon hopefully. Your big long day at work is a thing of the past in your head not home in my. -- Monday Night Football we had Johnny football Johnnie Mae and sell out there right now. Is he actually is tight maybe I should not say that easy out there I don't Moyer started. He has played. And twittered it melts. That's progress. That's good. That's good Johnny football played in the Internet didn't break which means the season can happen. As we as we expected to. It is our final hour today we've already been through an awful lot when Tim urgent Susan's lesser Jeff Garcia who just really took a nice shot across the bow. Of JaMarcus Russell played at four in a little bit coming up Scott -- at 630 to talk raiders and what's going on uncle Leo Matt concerns did not have a tackle in the first half. Of game number two in didn't. Dominic has not. Had and oh my god moment not yet. But I do believe one is coming you know this to me. Now I might have been wrong in saying the you're gonna get a small time player for most small time school and actually -- let me not even misquote myself. I never said that but I did say on suspicious. A physical specimens from smaller schools. How did they get there why did they end up there and you know it isn't really gonna translate. To instant NFL success I think it's harder to translate. From you know Mac football. In the NFL and it was from the SEC. How many. How many. NFL caliber players Steve -- a -- go against in his highlight real. Sure we know that he played -- Ohio State game very well. Beyond that how many times as he challenged with a physical specimen that met him on equal footing. Probably not often. Well there's nothing but specimens on equal footing in the NFL. Everybody's -- -- Everyone's a stallion. Every once a bad acts. There are no soft people in the NFL. Except Jonathan Martin. Who by the way. You talked to any NFL person. Any NFL person -- -- No one's got a good thing to say about John Mark. Forget about fans forget about what your opinion is they're all your being mean or anything like that. There isn't a single person in the NFL but the niners who have. Serviceable backup lineman. What that's all these -- you guys ever going to be. Soft man he's just soft. You don't what happens in Miami. Doesn't happen to you. If your card. That's for sure. That's dishonest. Speak in -- soft. There's probably nobody softer than JaMarcus Russell. That guy he was not a leader. If you can't lead yourself. You're never gonna lead a team if you have no self discipline you're never gonna be able to install. Team wide discipline. You could tell. That for Jim market -- house -- Jermaine gets his -- If you buy a mink. You're you're showing off you want people to know you've got money if you -- in less you are my grandmother. It was from the generation of we needed -- to keep us warm. If you're rocking a mink a full length. -- After a football game. -- diamonds in your ears so big. It's actually pulling on your ear lobe you got a little dangle an ear lobe underneath the carat weight there. LO -- B one can know be going on. I got -- that's my my my body Clark in college. Big year's. Golden -- be one can know be. Real big -- JaMarcus Russell had real big everything big guy. Big appetite. But he did not have a big desire to be a great NFL quarterback he did like big paychecks though and this is interest sting from Jeff Garcia. Asked them about the last time he worked with Jim -- Russell. You know there with a where. During that content that would he goes about why you have belt will then all of a sudden a settlement. Could equate with the raiders they put money back in the pocket and all the sudden out money in his pocket turned him -- began. -- earned him. In that guide that we all saw those three years when he was in Oakland raider where. It's being held the drive in the motivation could be great at that position and and it's unfortunate because that skill bet is there. But the mentality is not but I think more than anything -- the money that he had and probably been out anymore. It was trying to get back to get. Dump up and if that's what motivated them. He got the wrong reason to be playing in the game I mean obviously. A lot of money later. Jamarcus they got his money to. But that's something else. Is I'm gonna come back and make this right come back ends when the raiders -- -- McGraw on let's check. Got -- ask god -- about dad if he knows what kind of checked the raiders cut 21. It's like basically -- -- and go away money. Which is essentially all they ever got out of them. Pretty interest and by the way -- from Sean on Twitter. -- actually sent this to Jeff Garcia. Sit out jamarcus is on line to want to refund for the it can't based on the bus tire wounds. See that's not throwing someone under the bus. That's tell us what what's what Timmy there's a big difference between throwing someone under the bus. And reporting back to us what you learned about set individual -- -- -- that way John stands now. Until I get lawyers back in the game. Are you sure man -- played what did they bring Boyer. Back in the game and if so did Johnny -- they'll throw up on himself. You know what maybe I should watch Monday Night Football when I get home. Not right now. I -- I remember when. Libya Monday Night Football game on that Ralph wanted to watch you one take calls on it. OK okay are you taking yen -- any in any sport ZU bearing. I don't I don't bring into Monday night game I'm saving. That existed that happened. -- -- We don't tell me feeling ill man and taking -- honey don't bringing out -- swear to god. Happened. I love Ralph Ralph every impression is an homage. Content. It's unbelievable. When you feel bad and keeping the game. Amazing what a couple weeks can do for a baseball. Team. Giants all of a sudden -- got confidence they haven't had that in months the -- are starting to feel vulnerable they haven't felt like down all year long. Off date tonight for both teams the -- will be back off again Thursday the Mets come to town for two. Starting tomorrow continuing on Wednesday Bartolo Cologne will not. Be facing the case might have been fun to see Bartolo pitched back at the coliseum as a matter fact. Bartolo Bennett. If Bartolo was gonna pitch tomorrow night might -- -- of that game go to been fun to see Bartolo back. In the coliseum but it's not gonna happen unfortunately he's on bereavement leave by his mother is very very -- There's one more thing I wanna get we -- we've been talking about Levi stadium the experiences they had in the new stadium yesterday if you were down there what went right what needs to be improved a little bit is that. Your moves along. And you just a few more. You know just acknowledgment -- of of their own past in their brand new stadium I think needs to be made. Any actual seating area not just in the hall of fame so but but all that's coming in and I did what if there is one of the things that. I got confidence in his as the niners are gonna get that right whatever they think is wrong now they're gonna fix it they're gonna get it right. It is an incredibly impressive new stadium there's just no way to pretend it isn't. There might be some things that rub -- the wrong way again I mean I'd be priced out a normal civilian. I would not be able to be able to afford to go to niner games with any frequency other than great in frequency. But that's the way the world nothing's getting cheaper I'm not -- eve the Bay Area is ground zero for all things expensive these days. So. You know I -- par for the course but. Like I said the pricing really is just the -- Much it's just you know even our rich guys got to be like Hamas and it's funny five for a bug light guy here man it's odd break in light. No markup on that. 1025. For the cheapest beer available. Let's when he announced domestic. It was in 1975. At the sticks -- 75 more cents. And fifty cents more wouldn't have been enough. Ten bucks even for -- not enough you need 25 more cents. Ten dollar bill and a quarter now we can conduct a transaction get here. Earnings come -- -- you see even both clippers owners agree. That's not really is. Having said all that. And we're gonna get into Khalil Mac. What he's shown so far shop big mistake by the way we tell if we're talking about what is gonna get Reggie. And Dennis fired from Oakland Reggie McKenzie Dennis Allen it's going to be two years of betting the farm. On a veteran quarterback that is literally worst in the third stringer you currently have on the team. We saw Matt Flynn last year and I think we're about to see it with the match job this year the -- monitor. Schaeuble monitors lacking a lot of confidence in -- job right now the Schable monitor. Is running ice cold -- job. Seriously though did they would've been better off playing -- glowing in. From the second he was drafted out of Penn State. And even going through the match play and Terrelle Pryor. Thought Carson Palmer and I know that this that -- now going back another administration let's not hold anybody you're accountable for Carson Palmer. But the -- did you be better off of just kept Carson Palmer. Anyways we'll get and all of that. Fifteen minutes from now on Scott -- joins me. There is a little something though it's it's on my timeline it's in your timeline on Twitter it's on your FaceBook page. It is all over your TV. Ferguson. When John Oliver did last night on HBO's. Last week tonight. Was. As good a think piece about what is really happening in Ferguson. It's better than anything you've seen on network news and it is a little. Disheartening to me. Sad. That now the two most informative news programs on television or both posted by comedians. Now Fox News useless MSNBC news doesn't really do -- forming. The Daily Show and last week tonight. Probably deliver more real news to me than any other medium outside of meat. Browsing the Internet looking for things that interest me myself. It's amazing. And it's a sad state of affairs that now our current Walter Cronkite is a British comedian. And Jon Stewart. The Ferguson thing. Is deplorable. No matter how you wanna look at it. What caused it deplorable the reaction on both sides of the fence deplorable. The police brutality. Deplorable. Affected police are now armed as if they are. Characters in the game. Black ops. So -- jobs in life come with uniforms. Because the uniform defines you we all know women love a man in uniform. But being put on the uniform not only defines who you are. To everyone who can see you when your uniform it defines. Who you war tool yourself. If you're policeman. And believe me that the vast majority police out there are good civic minded concerned people. But you put a good city -- concerned person. In a scary situation. Like Ferguson has become and they're not properly trained. And then you -- them is if they were the 82 airborne. Just paratroop drop into Ferguson what are police wearing camel bullish. Ever. -- Why -- police wearing camouflage. What's happening in Ferguson. Is another sad example of racial understanding in divide that we have in this country and it is sickening to see the reaction. If you ever wanted to -- own. To give you a perfect example of what horrible. Leadership looked like. There you go. That's what's going on there. If you're looking for 88 A match. Through which to negotiate. Racial tension. There is no -- it offers a clear way than through sports. This is one of those times were again. People tell me -- you care about sports too much I I tell people they don't care about sports enough that means more -- your community your town. Your culture. Then you -- even admit. It means an awful lot cannot tell you you can put four kids. I'm forty from bases and it really doesn't matter what color anyone is when you're down two runs in the ninth inning. There's a beauty to sports it levels the playing field your background. How rich you daddy was. How much your mother loves you none of that matters when. It's time to step in between the lines and play. St. Louis Rams. We're gonna be an interest in team keep an eye on this year are the closest NFL team there is to Ferguson which is. The town that's about you know 2530 miles outside Saint Louis. Darian met here. On pro football talk dot com. Says that the rams. You know I've been sitting there wondering what can we do. How how can we help defuse what is the toxic situation. By the way if you heavy rioting crowd on a hot summer day you don't show up in cam all fatigues pointing guns at them. You won but in the top button in your police uniform and you start handing out cold bottled water. That's how you defuse. A mob on a hot summer day. Now by threatening them with tear gas and popping it around journalists I mean some of the images really are. Like you gotta be kidding me this is the United States here. Well hopefully sports can play a little role in healing going on here Robert -- -- of Sports Illustrated by the way. Is a sports writers got to boots on the ground covering this story. On May -- was there and rams training camp and he decided football doesn't matter as much as this on the go cover Ferguson this guy writes -- Sports Illustrated is just amazing. And I thought you know I follow him on Twitter and I was surprised to find out he. Followed me as well. And so I actually wrote him. Last night I wrote them last night saying in. I don't even know you. But I'm proud of -- you're doing extraordinary work keep it up and he wrote back all good thanks man which you know. The guys literally dodging tear gas. Hopefully the St. Louis Rams can help mend this situation. They want to bring high school teams from I guess there are three high schools and Ferguson he wants the high school teams. To come to a game but he also wants and it comes to -- facility to practice. Because practicing and Ferguson right now is probably not an easy thing to do. Rams manager Sam development and alumni relations title ever -- Close do you Kyle -- not all the way -- Contacting coaches at McClure. McClure north and McClure south high schools offering 753. Tickets to each team if they wanted them quote. The light of everything going on. It just kind of hit me I can imagine all the stuff going on top of must be to practice. Hopefully we can get them away from all of that again it's just small gesture. Put small gestures matter. In moments is big is this. They really do. But you're not gonna catch me root for the St. Louis Rams anytime soon but I can't help but applaud that that is phenomenal. That is really really good move on them. And again. -- I saw there's some some bubbling up and Oakland based on what's going on and Ferguson c'mon Oakland just. Calm down everyone needs to come down. What. Is it Derrick if you know the thing is. Now a lot of protesting I think is to. It is necessary to raise awareness. I don't think this needs any more awareness I think everyone is looking at this going on and -- what the hell is wrong with the leadership in this town this is disgusting. It's it's it's it's. It's they need. Our standards of living. It should be beneath anyone's standards of living but especially all small town American standards of living. Why does a small town police force have a battering ram tank. Again the John Oliver peace god you've got to watch it it's so good. It is fifteen minutes long seem nobody gives anything any time to really break down an issue anymore. If you can't save in 32 sound bite don't say it at all because it's not going to be covered that night on the news that's the beauty. Of his show. You'll take a segment and dissect it like a fraud. It's really really really good stuff. So. Having said all that since there's this -- if there is no easy transition between all of that and what do you think of my point. -- -- I -- take your calls. When we're done talking to Scott -- because we are gonna ask him about -- blowing the raiders. And so on and so forth and all of that is coming up here in just a minute if you do want to weigh in we will be taking some calls to wrap up to show when we're done talking raider football Scott -- coming up next by the way diamond's skills baseball camp. Safe -- competitive environment improve your youth baseball and athletic skills for the summer. Diamond's skills well keep your child busy during the summer as -- sharpen their baseball technique. Can we send any days to this during losing streak who's in the aides to the diamond -- baseball camp. A -- Jack and get them a discount for more info visit the events page at 957 game dot com or -- in silver and black with Scott -- next. You know a lot. Let the James Brown played. David. David David David. Bennett back even. At the event. Sometimes. Point seven beginning. All right so apparently there's a lot of Rex Grossman jokes. Being thrown around on Twitter which means neither Johnny -- sell nor Brian Hoyer is playing very well tonight. -- Zell got the start apparently egos to the first seven. 29 yards he was sacked once for seven yards employer right now in their one for 512 yards neither thrown a touchdown. Or an interception. Both Robert Griffin the third and Kirk cousins have thrown interceptions tonight too already for the Redskins. And there you go that's about the only time -- catch me updating an in progress pre season game between the browns and Redskins but. Hey Johnny men's -- got us excited no doubt about it. Is it time. Beautiful. Was waiting to blood talk -- raider football Scott bear this afternoon because it's officially. Decision time here. And the decision is do you wanna go with a quarterback that might be bad or one this year really think he's gonna be -- and die. It looks like they're gonna go with a one that we all think might be bad. Scott there CSN Bay Area joining us to talk a little raider football. I don't Scott. Pretty good and I'm I'm I'm -- I'm -- earlier and I did like your current theory that. Do you want to see what somebody out or what somebody else had last stage and and -- late -- a look at -- night I go to raiders'. They each element -- over and over and over again every bit about it is that about match obvious that match dot com I'm starting. At starting quarterback. Comma between now and it's at I really and everybody -- still a bit that's forgotten they're gonna allegedly the start that you. And it feels like he's trying to talk himself into it because he hasn't seen any real tangible evidence -- -- -- -- -- talking himself into it trying to brace every one for it. And to me this looks like Matt Flynn 2.0 which I -- goes back to shop been McKenzie he's decision making. Think about it. What the ringers to ban any worse off. Had they had just gone -- -- glowing in these last two years not even bothered with Pryor not bothered with land just played medical glowing but loyal to better. Than any quarterback they got. -- I know it's against third gamers. But he is. Yeah I mean I think we have the benefit of I I figured I am addicted to -- pick up. Guys pressured by an eleven. And an undrafted free agent I didn't even out certainly after the draft and -- -- think about him kind of make in the progress but he may mean he hasn't been -- act. -- I think I think Matt Flynn argued only now starting to talk about it out in the midwest. I just how bad that album really large and I think that that shot in the arm I think -- -- confident that his experience level. Separates him from what they're going -- with -- went last year I didn't think you can see parts in the preceding games where that guy. Has a bit random it -- area that he -- -- able to go down you'll trump but yet it. Look up the creek cutie can't beat your try to pick off an -- -- out over a larger -- It all week. You is that -- the bill you know. They're calling it -- well multiple in and whatever pressured and well kids to wideout didn't do it mr. indicate that they're just so many saying that. The -- our evaluation that's why I think Friday is going to be so -- because yet again. All of the first -- -- I think you could take that the panic should be almost recorder and that's really what we're gonna feel much larger. You know kind of peek at what -- shocked at how is able parent goes through different theory moved the ball. Operate its -- I think I think it can be a very key date her hand and also he would Alter the entire raiders -- And everyone's also gonna have their -- on Khalil Mack who we all know shut out of a tackle. In the first half against the ones. And look great linebackers. At any stage of their career are rarely shot out of a tackle and a half and I'm not saying that Khalil Mac will not be a great linebacker and we all know that for sure now. But I don't think he's ready to be the instant sledge hammer. They hoped he could be if they ask him to do too much if I were the raiders I'd say you know what we're gonna worry about the wrinkles. And the depth of your game in coming seasons this year I want you to attack the quarterback as if he just stole something from your mom. Yeah and and really when I think it comes down to it they will and there's a lot of stuff that they're actually in Q would you had practiced. That according to that sportswriters go to I can't you know violate that trust on air right now but do it to did you. -- -- yeah a lot of that. You can thank you but yeah I mean I think there's a lot of things that they are holding back on at the same time. Here are not psychic you want to back got to be able to win one on one match up no matter what. You know and really that's what it the most concerning thing to leave. I talked Q Max for a while yesterday. And the chip that kind of mentality that your car has that you don't worst critic. He works tirelessly and even though you may not see the exact result that you watch. He's still confident and the one thing I like it see if that even though we can get all these street -- an excuse to talk about what the offense. You can't look into what do better on not in the mix and knocked. That's not satisfactory and meet and I you and I need to -- more. Even with what I'm getting in the crease feet and I think all that attitude it's gonna help I think -- Howard's strength. Can't can be effective. One thing that I have been talking to people and we you know dynamic pass rush that that maybe just talks. I wouldn't say oh and I think it should. It if he can have a bigger bag of tricks and let them go to -- but he can pull out of it cat right away if he gets into trouble I think they'll help and in the long run. So yet terms that they determine that immediate impact I still think. The -- I've been asked under the dot com actually get it out. Like you say an eight and that's a lot you know I can actually get -- -- -- Scott -- CSN Bay Area here on the Damon Bruce show and and let's talk about since we spent the first after this on on what isn't working. Let's talk about what is and I think that this team. And well. And -- look a lot better if they can have a quarterback take a little heat off the running game. Not by backing up the linebackers and secondary but I do like what I've seen from the raiders running game so far I think the offensive line Donald -- in particular. Is doing a nice job run blocking and I don't need to see another lick a -- ball. Out of either Maurice Jones-Drew or McFadden. It told the season starts and I know they're gonna play in game three after that I don't -- touched the field -- those guys both look ready. Absolutely and I really sort of expected to hold true to come in and do that which. Sounds like may you know -- given that the guy almost thirty union -- collection app. Happen with those guys that person been really explosive but -- McFadden. I know that we can say he looks good in the preceded the -- at the same conversation with the -- 2010 and 1112 and so on adult court. But I really think that. A great weight has been lifted an extra because Jones-Drew is there he got a steal the weight of that. Extremely heavy contract amount and he'll start for somebody that made eight figure that is not in my nature I know it's nine yours. Right now and ever feel bad for anyone who has an infinity pool. They can hit the big I have to believe write that -- now. Separately accurately I'd expect that having youngster who they're going to have to carry the load at least show. Afraid of getting hurt and -- finishing run strong I think that's really helped him but I like what I achieve your. It acted to stay healthy somehow some way. And and JD can get along with. And -- a lot that no joke averages. 65. 325 counts they're going to be able to stay on schedule and that's what you need for the -- in -- gonna have bad shot there. And third spot do you do everybody a favor and run well -- keep an action as big -- deal on later. Seems to be the only passes it is really connecting on so far so yes that would probably be good get him to third and manageable Scott -- CSN Bay Area you know my defense and MVP is through to pre season games not that this is a -- than anyone would get out or want. That sense I think Pat Sims is looked like I handful upfront. I mean absolutely. I -- too -- -- -- Williams beat the raiders beat Uruguay coach and they -- -- -- -- you're gonna CA completely different -- and that I got -- take -- from what happened yet for the sake that I really. Did not expect him to welcome back and and I really think that the market may -- kind of scared him that -- -- -- but the raiders on on another one year deal I think she's supremely motivated. May be an you know -- I don't have a problem with athlete being motivated by a big paycheck I certainly am why can't anybody help well I think it -- if you have a motivated pat them. Could be -- theory and it may be angry very explosive pat said that if you have good credit burger don't tackle you make everybody. Speaking of paychecks and motivation. We were talking to Jeff Garcia last hour and we asked them. About running into a JaMarcus Russell which she did almost a year ago when there was this buzz around the Jermaine -- come back of some sort. And he said. That jamarcus came and put his head down went to work and really made them believe that he was sincere in his comeback effort for a moment. Then there was some settlement between he and the raiders and all of his enthusiasm to reclaim his career immediately evaporated it was all about the money. Do you know can you tell us anything about that settlement today was the first I heard of it. You know that that actually treat gates like starter covered the -- -- But I do remember advocates -- on the of that and crystal chronicle writing that. That that they did they did come from settlement about -- -- -- this signing bonus money oh and why that figure shuttle. And really got a lot about. You know how some athlete to be motivated by money that you gotta love the game and greater abroad and a lot of guys. That really do you fit that mold -- miked -- -- always -- football I think there is a big group that it's pretty clear that JaMarcus Russell did not. And I think that's about the lightning -- met each seat from Mac. And car and you -- deal that -- they aren't guys that aren't necessarily motivated. Entirely by paychecks and I think at least in terms that -- guys that step in the right direction let's let it out to regain its ethnic -- execution. Again and other ones are gonna get a lot of run in the third pre season game will we see Derek -- Was it read it was a concussion I think it was a little ball. Yeah yeah I think so too and it sounds like coming -- can get a say all the right things that -- in his nature program that way. But I actually think that Hillary did it -- but the fact that there are any big cracks in it is gonna help because. You know that was written affect everything that you do especially your throw it. If football around that any thought seeking enlightenment cleared to play but I talk to -- For a while. This afternoon and again either can't help but you know -- -- -- they -- you know again like it fired like you wanna go out at somebody. -- -- one of those guys that I -- like pinky can play her some -- and if he's cleared you can go but he you what you can remarked on outside of what we're. What is Dennis Allen really think about a secondary does -- see how inadequate it looks or to pre season games. You know I don't know how much he cared about what happens in the -- fear that I think you looked at -- or games I want entire unit and then building. You get better at taking -- there it's cause for alarm here but what I thought Carlos Rogers or allow our ability. They get red carpet toxic Alex -- it seemed to think are right well. That extra little detail that are leading to play. And yet there were some apple let. The way that he -- try to go to practice. He sees the basic fundamental respect her group that that that -- can't tackle and they can't make. Eat proper angle and they can't do the right read it's about playing golf together at once that they haven't managed yet I think -- they get to that point they will be better. But you still gonna have to have that front seven be active and dangerous and relentless. But that's secondary to be you know should cap -- -- to be at peace. Scott have a good trip to Green Bay off to Lambeau where again the raiders. Take on the Green Bay Packers this Friday August 22 the third and last real free season tune out because. No one's going to be shown what they got the fourth pre season game especially with the Seahawks in town and making it to with a sledge hammers and not risk anything against them big third pre season game coming up the raiders got thank you very much. Thank thank you very much Scott -- CSN Bay Area. Greater reporter. Bay Area baseball fans 957 games got you covered this season for a's and giants think it's. Coming up on Wednesday 8 AM 5 o'clock hour be listening for the box office -- your shot to win tickets and see the swing and days of the giants. The box office blitz brought you by DG DG dot com fourteen brand's thirteen dealerships BA happy car buyer. At DG DG dot com -- makes me happy football fan. It ain't just the NFL. College football. I will wax poetic on college football I'm going to dot PI. I'm going to be the twelfth man. I am going to boomer sooner you next here on the day membership. Michelle on -- five point seven big game. I'll put a little bow on this one today wrapping it up for yeah. Will be back tomorrow for three more hours ahead of bees in Metz which will be a 705. Tuesday night's start your 957 game 1235 afternoon start on Wednesday against the metropolitan so. Step right up and meet the Mets step right up and greet the Mets and hopefully. The gays will get back to their winning ways the Mets have been in. What decade long slump is in the -- mentioned I've been good for a while they're not good this year either and they're not scoring runs and they're not hitting the baseball and will hopefully. Be some easy feed for the -- they try to get full. For the angels get here three huge ones against the angels coming up. This weekend starting Friday night next weekend beginning Thursday I guess I should say four. At the angels. And that's the last time you play in tell all. The final. Week of the season. The -- will host the angels. On September 22 third and fourth. And that's going to be the last cracked -- gonna get on them so you do not want a very big chasm. Opening up in the wrong direction when all that coming up for sure. Breaking news that just made the Arizona Cardinals a lot lot easier to bit -- Darnell Dockett. -- ACL and practice. -- is a huge blow. A huge blow to a much improved Arizona defense. And and that's huge that is a that is almost a it's not a balance of power tipper but I think he keeps the strong strong in the week cardinals week. Will the Arizona Cardinals -- anything other than Arizona cardinal he wouldn't. The answer now I think. Leans more towards no -- yes. And they're going to. Have trouble stopping things up the middle Darnell Dockett up that Cheshire. But we'll worry more about the NFL at a later date I wanted to wrap up little college football here. Oh hold on we got college football news. Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller hurt his shoulder today. And reports are saying it could cost him the entire season. What does he do away. A dislocation and a severe terror what that it wouldn't be due to a shoulder Braxton Miller boy. Well you can forget about the Big Ten joining the a playoff 44 pronged playoff thing that's not gonna happen probably wasn't gonna happen any way to be totally honest -- Although it did look like Ohio State would have been top heavy enough to skate through undefeated Michigan State may be the only other Big Ten -- gave the Buckeyes a run for their money. Not Michigan. The pac twelve conference. Is gonna be a monster. Look at the pre season top 25 Rick -- that you by the way covers. Golf football in -- when my favorite college football writers -- probably never heard of him before because he didn't spend much time in the midwest this guy started reading. When I was in college and I haven't stopped Edward -- age very very good covering college football. More than two thirds of the top 25 teams in the nation plane just two conferences. You get eight teams from the SEC and six from the pac twelve that's fourteen out of 25. Or. For those of you create math and I do luckily they didn't forming 68%. Of the top 25. Is from two conferences. That's that's. 68%. Coming from two conferences that's more than the other three power leagues the Big -- the ACC in the big twelve combined. The SEC. Alabama Auburn Georgia South Carolina Louisiana State Ole miss Texas saying NN in Missouri. Not Missouri Missouri. Pac twelve got -- UCLA Stanford Arizona State USC and Washington. The biggest names missing from the top 25. Schools you're used to seeing but won't. Florida. Texas what oval. Virginia Tech Miami. In me he. She did. Your top five by the way is Florida State Alabama Oregon Oklahoma State Ohio State the without Braxton Miller you can take Ohio State and dropped them out of that top 25 right yeah Mac. By the way Braxton Miller's -- so much better than Terrelle Pryor who was at Ohio State Senate funny one guy can pass the other mean that's a much -- But it does like one guy to pass the other guy couldn't pass up a tattoo a bloom thank you try declared he's coming up next. Wanna say thanks very much to our guests today and let you know that by the way Linda Bruce's confirmed for another season of appoint a mother's son of Bruce. Publisher refused to join a state because it's before her contract actually kicks and -- -- -- -- incurred Jim Susan's lesser Jeff Garcia and Scott -- for joining us awfully. Lot of good stuff wanna think Brian. Ryan our interns wanna thank you Kyle thank you mark -- they -- to Gionta. Thank you mom for having me appreciate that I got an idea for job for you get a draft to move here. In -- Damon -- in which it makes. Well if they ever wanna start delivering. It they could just have you to deliver that that's the only sandwich you deliver it. Because you're good at delivering Damon Bruce's if you don't mind me saying. Love you mom love you guys talk to you all tomorrow in the meantime please do remember sports don't build character -- Like back.

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