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Al Saracevic thinks 49ers fans will miss Candlestick.

Aug 18, 2014|

The Sports Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle joined Troy Clardy Monday night to share his first experience at Levi’s Stadium. He believes San Francisco is a legitimate Superbowl contender in 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our first chance to catch up with him. Any other sports editor and columnist for the San Francisco chronicle. I also Rossiter joins us here and and five point seven game Al appreciate the time thinking talking to a -- don't. I'm doing great haven't you've got the pleasure to have you did your first off even though the scoreboard says 34 to nothing at the very end of it. Our goal line stand Denver at the very end of the game preventing but pretty united from getting the first start touchdown. At -- stadium history even though things -- looks so good on the field overall I was still imagine that your there was a pretty darn good day overall for 49ers fans right. It was a good day tour traffic it was a good day for pop art and not so good for football. Seem like wolf focus their attention was the the first day of play at -- stadium and to the minor credit they pulled out the exceptional match. -- as she might say they handle the traffic problems they had earlier during their current weight gain. They handled the crowd successfully brought up on the field is still a work in progress but this francoeur said it's depreciated and don't worry about it. Yeah we'll see how things go from Merrill get to your -- thoughts on how things well that we -- stadium and just marvelous get to stop on the field. -- result like you saw yesterday you know Frank Gore isn't panic pushing the panic button. I'm not either but I think the last couple games have raised a couple question -- for two but what what is your biggest concern for the 49ers right now. I think without a doubt the backup quarterback and we've been writing a lot about that -- see it column. Tomorrow from -- in in the sporting green on that same topic but the analysis is pretty simple if the -- don't have a reliable backup quarterback. They're going to be wacko and I shelters as far as how solid effort it -- and -- seem a little bit you know we've seen over the last couple years. When he first burst onto the scene he was running with abandoned. The miners were calling his number. The option keeper every lock solid and you know that was a very successful thing for the T able to Alex Smith looked a -- -- out. We saw solitaire predict a little more conservative style so if Blaine Gabbert -- up with a backup forward Josh Johnson or any others. You know that that's a big problem -- -- point to that is the biggest issues. Of course all a lot of teams that depend on on their depth in -- integral part of the playoffs and to win championships as well backup quarterback as you mentioned is a big temperature for 49ers as of right now but also deep offensively the -- already -- to be whittled away just a little bit on the defense -- vegetable do you feel comfortable with the depth of -- -- -- to have until the guy may be trying out here for the first couple games of the season at least. I think Jim Harbaugh senate after the Baltimore him again pushed around the -- the team is still you know I think are on the defensive side is the looking at who's in the stepped -- to Philip Bowman. There's a number of candidates -- we haven't seen the stalwart. Frontline of defense -- don't think we see in the eight team out there very often so. I think -- -- probably. Picking and choosing a different part to see what they can -- under game conditions. I'm not sure we're seeing anything here a real mannered defense right now -- Artists say on that and but I think. The Ballmer pledged that the big question there. Yes it certainly is bottom line here are you less confident about what this team might be able to accomplish. During the upcoming season do you work 48 hours ago. Not really I think this is a veteran team I think it out they're -- -- I'm a little concerned with the offensive line out into the come out all out. Sliders and things you know his replacement. That -- -- -- if they can't run the ball and control the line of scrimmage that's where Jim Harbaugh football begins and ends. And other gonna have to figure that I'm not less -- -- in the manner that think they have to struggle they probably have. Is that there -- the same division as the CLG octane problem last year. And you'll see what happens -- season starts slipped that they're still trying to think -- Also Rossum -- gas sports editor and columnist from the San Francisco chronicle and accepted dot com joining us here. On 95 point seven a game talking wolf 49ers with him it's interesting you mention that there in the same division this as the Seattle Seahawks obviously the defending Super Bowl champions. But let's face it here it seems like the rams and the cardinals. Certain narrow the gap you're a little bit as well NFC west from top to bottom I think is the best division in the NFC -- it in the NFL out imagined over the 49ers still placed in the top -- let the vision as of right now right. I would hope so in the top -- You know they would also either we'll see where they land you know -- The cardinals especially I think about that a strong defense and it and if you've been any does -- -- -- close. The niners and cardinals really get after it on the field you know injuries after the those gains. And obviously the Seahawks are a powerhouse. The best division in the NFL without a doubt it's going to be -- trial by fire I I would imagine -- -- in the competitor years. You don't want any any other way and that you like he wants the tough road and art buyers to prove themselves their own division distract them also to play out stuff. You know I he argues that the miners are right there with the Seahawks still. Let's not forget you know a few inches one way or the other the niners were and that's Super Bowl last year that it was very. Yeah no doubt about that outs as far as -- deal here. Any positives that you took away with the 49ers did yesterday anyone that had stood out to use -- watch -- gave a positive way yesterday. The hardest day. Or am -- a lot from now when I mean there really wasn't so a lot of notables. You know well boy as the inside linebacker I was say at seven tackles by halftime and -- you know good -- himself. To be volatile place -- you -- to put me on the spot I would say Michael will always. You know made made a positive step and that's showed that he did them and the inside a defense. Under the left you know it was due to a lackluster effort all around. Couple missed six -- -- the Boston you know wolf if you happen to him. A learning how to chicken a new stadium and everybody's -- particular about the wind in the coal. And that certainly not a great performance from mumbling -- either so output locally. Florida's my man of the match. -- -- are out the victorious here from the San Francisco chronicle here on 95 point seven big game let's turn to the stadium now lackluster or certainly adjective that I don't think I too many people. If anyone use to describe the stadium. And -- function yesterday. As you looked in and and and analyze and -- -- guys were doing down there at the chronicle and and how their experiences work what some of the earlier views of Levi stadium from your perspective. Everyone lumber truck fox. There was a peach cobbler station. This column today -- cholera that it waiting -- -- so that was a big win for the niners -- -- -- the first he's not work. And then there's no better way to I went over is cynical media mob and lose. -- in all seriousness it's a beautiful facility out in May lack a little bit of character has to have a number of -- that is some early two hours during construction. -- have been that out there all the way through still of the opening now. And it's. It's a beautiful structure I would argue -- -- the most significant building built in -- south faith you know ever. But at the same time it damaged. Strictly in the didn't have the same character the first time he thought AT&T park for an if there was -- -- -- but you know it was a it was a gorgeous split with a lot of character right on the water. Believe actually that strikes me as a functional beautiful state of the art and a -- stadium. But a little lost here in mounted as. You know and I and I wonder how loud it's going to be. And I wonder what kind of character the fan base will have it's an expensive place to get in Q. And I don't think you're gonna see quite -- blue collar you know cheering that you did it -- -- itself. You know so far so good it's a beautiful place we we have yet -- it and it it has yet to reveal character. Anything about the stick it you're gonna mess. Not a whole lot. You know I you know -- this. People are going to be surprised that they miss is the flawed and the wind debacles -- going to be opt -- and I think a lot of people. You saw an amputated by the third you know every two thirds of those receipts were opium that ended the search for the fourth quarter yesterday. You know I think allow those people walking around second half of -- problem might have been dull and it is to get a literally -- it's going to be a lot of there's. I'm gonna pick a dark horse here I'm gonna -- the fog again. What what's your favorite job now and whistle I guess you can cost per mark from -- stadium. -- outcome of the grassy Knoll I don't know that the really beat keeping the -- on top of the massive -- What are they calling -- the luxury suites tower. They have built a you know I was corporate party Alice is simply uses this this beautiful place they're calling it the green -- while. I believe and I got a chance to walk around affairs -- beautiful. The parliament you and I'll probably never get up there and you'll most of the assets they just got really for the upper crust. It appears that house corporate events and things like that for the green -- put -- -- hour 47000 square foot rooftop. Areas is pretty darn cool. Come on -- you can't -- they're just leave the door to know -- am cards on now. As somebody and our group -- to -- today just up. They lose their jobs. Out there and that was just shot -- -- media. You know. Yeah I don't think it's an -- I -- that's out there. Hey allies we wrap this up your your overall thoughts on how far you'd think the forty niners can go here obviously it even though the first two pre season games. Having gone quite as planned still in my mind no real reason to think. At the niners can't be in the mix in the NFC as one of the top two or three teams in the conference. You're overall impressions on still more help our continued operating this team can go. I think they're Super Bowl contender without a doubt you look around the -- can't point to a number you know many teams that have a better chance. And the 49ers as a veteran team. You know an all star team in a lot of ways you look at most every position there's -- -- they're do you think that work against them I guess -- the same days. They're they're getting older and they're not as deep as they might have been a year ago. So injuries got to play a huge role. Let you know all told that's the same for most teams I think if the matter of stay healthy there's no reason that -- -- like. He -- -- -- wrapping up again deep in the playoffs with a Super Bowl on the line so I I think they're right there. As long as they can stay healthy and most importantly keep college after I -- -- Yeah and nine Ers Seahawks if we've learned anything especially this past season nine Ers Seahawks is always most watched television. What must read coverage you can always find in the San Francisco chronicle also are also victims of sports editor and columnist for the singer prince is a chronicle. And he destroyed his right here and by point seven a game -- thanks a bunch appreciate the time end up being we can head -- Levi's together in their shares of peach -- in the press box. Now. That you've got Al AQ what they guarantee I'll show up somewhere. -- peach cobbler.

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