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Brandon Belt expects to be back in 3-4 weeks

Aug 21, 2014|

The Giants 1B joined The Wheelhouse with a great explanation of his visit to the concussion specialist this week, and says he's feeling much better about his recovery prospects, and plans on being back in uniform for the playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- who normally joins us at on the on Mondays at 1230 is obviously having. His issues with the concussion and we've talked to many times about it he's good enough to make some time for us today. -- power you. And -- good. So the so give us the latest you're going to to meet with a specialist now. -- yeah I want to. It's Monday and I. Operative word of -- -- Collins. These guys are guilt and not know what they're doing a lot of -- with the out all the and you know we we planned and are gonna help me get better hope that they get better because mainly. Now -- visual I'm a lot of visual problem. I don't like about the best that you can make a recap on the. -- we know or at least he believes. You've had concussions before Wright and now how is this one any different or worse or how how do you compare concussions one to any other one -- two time. Well I yeah. Pretty -- development knocked out of college and -- on the -- worse. How much in the well money around. Politics and how well I don't know remember that happening. -- You know pretty the next day. Beat -- And read. And you know very -- and demand and injuring state. Tom -- you know you you know you're there really altered so I'll you know art -- couple's -- but I don't. Our lingering longer made in the mr. that a ridiculous and I'm now we know that it mainly visual and a -- go out here on. Brandon doesn't all this. Scare you a bit and realize it's it's a hazard of the job you love baseball that's the life you know but. Does some view as you get removed from you know playing the game every day now you look at this and say while this is. -- -- I can't see hear or or do things properly just as an everyday human just scary bit. Amish beard color did hit it -- review there. You know Britain we know what. On -- and why it -- around -- time being my first it would become. A real time. Go on the alternative views in -- a little bit longer bomb. But oil and Pittsburgh. And doctor Collins. -- -- -- -- really in -- and go on now and you know he's doing it optical quality -- that your. I'll be ago. I don't you basically you know -- that picture. Would be. Go -- about a week. Problems. That's good news -- adult is that good enough to -- Guinea saying he went to the University of Pittsburgh so again there was -- there was speculation that maybe be out for the year but certainly that doesn't sound like that would be the case. No no I don't I don't think that -- Yeah. Are you. Now. You know like that -- -- budget. And now. I'm looking at. We operate and where -- out there. And you know we don't bit ago. It cleared when you you know should be able to grab and go on you -- to get there could be weeks. I'll -- with unemployment and then come under every outlet popular -- their -- So how do you stay current brand and I mean obviously watching at the games this part of it are you taxing back and forth with the guys are what do you do to stay connected -- at a time where basically. You wanna kind of lay off physically I guess right. Did I mean I mean. Watching game obviously on medium and quality content with the trainers like their own thing going on and you know I know from the moment. On -- not exactly the players on. But you know and yeah I know Topeka on you you meet and Regina -- all as well. Don't know on on deliberate. -- not but right now although and and you know after dark. -- -- -- -- -- Going out and you know just being on other people. You know Beckett -- -- now they're on the street and -- keep them or something give an acre or go back darkroom. What that you publish. You know about it. I'm -- built as a unit to join -- giants are stationed of course still dealing with the effects from the concussion bomb on Twitter at being built. Nine IE you mentioned vision obviously floor for a lot of jobs it's important that maybe none more so than the baseball player you got a middle seat in baseball determine. What kind of pitch it is -- Baghdad are these exercises helping your visionary feeling better about about your vision. Well I haven't really started I'm actually I'm always announces -- -- really believe that helped calm you know I have a it is very important to our job. What my problem is it is even more so important to. Our job have a problem -- my -- and urgent focus. On now. On tracking so you know I'm not able that track as well questions. Based on baseball on -- You don't do what it takes something like that. Honestly it probably. Wouldn't think much couple you know -- or something like play but I can't do this. Work. I pretty maybe to switch gears here I don't even wanna ask you a question here because I don't wanna originally you into one answer or another. But as you watch your giants team right now from a certain distance away and you watch these games on television. What's standing out to you. Right now. About the way your team this point. Lot of strategic energy on the -- that it occurred earlier in the year. And you know and pushed up and up and -- situation. -- tolerance or anything like that are there right now in the right direction. -- you know make me you know let me via the outlook on the rest it and and you -- -- -- New -- back in there. Sooner. Or shall we do. Did you see that TARP incident the other night when they get that thought. They don't occurred as an. Adult at an hour and a lot and like they were at. Trying to bat in getting -- getting it right first time. Are you not think that Pete in spring training but it is so I don't know I mean it in Israel this. A I mean I was just blown away in that a couple things happen number one it didn't come out straight yeah I guess that was the mechanical -- they were talking about but also. A branding you guys in the dugout. As much as your ballplayers and you can hang out at at place like Wrigley Field all day. I don't think you're teammates really kept in the loop of even what was going on there to specific kind of in a holding pattern. For four hours in the north south and north side of Chicago and that I could not have been an enjoyable experience to -- at least. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it now yeah no ideal number hours and then you and yet he would object back up again. Mean it -- back board bill. -- the apartment until sometime. Over yet -- -- our help and they were out. You know -- your machine. -- -- you know. You drive right now that -- -- -- -- -- have just -- you can see okay -- your passenger you're actually behind illegal. UK. Or let's listen talk us to talk. Your visit I was severe pastor driving. Favorite. Thinks we're gonna see updates -- I know you got your stuff that you're going through and everything in and I'm telling you that you know we're looking at her text machine right now and people who wish you nothing but the -- so we hope you come back soon and and that your healthy whenever that is -- thanks for early on as we really appreciate man. You got a man thanks BB.

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